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About Us
About Us


Shenzhen SUNPN Technology CO., Ltd.

Company Address:4/F, B Block, NO.45, Lixin Road, Danzhutou Village,Buji town, Longgang district, Shenzhen city, China

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    Annie (Mrs.)
          Phone: +86-139 2657 5535
          Tel: +86-755-89313800-830
          SKYPE: sunpn830  
          E-mail: annie@sunpn.com
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    Keith (Mr.)
          Phone: +86-139 2657 9483
          Tel: +86-755-89313800-836
          SKYPE: sunpn836  
          E-mail: 836@sunpn.com

Tel: +86-755-28212811,89313800,89313900,28884858,89368915

Fax: +86-755-28212820

Company Website: www.leddigitaldisplay.net
E-mail: annie@sunpn.com 
Optimal Transportation: Metro Line (Longgang line) to Danzhutou subway station Exit C, 300 meters before the line that is to turn left into
                                             the road Ericsson, please refer to the roof of the entrance sign;
Driving Directions (Jihe): from Jihe white pit exit speed -> Dan Ping fast direction to downtown (about 3km) -> Shenhui Highway (G205)

                                             direction to downtown (about 800 meters) -> by Voeux Road, turn right into the top right of the road that is to 


Driving Directions (Shuiguan): From Shuiguan <cloth Lan Road / Lee Lang> next exit speed -> Cloth Lan Road to Phuket direction (about

                                             2km) -> Shenhui Highway (G205) to Huizhou direction about 800 meters -> Guo Danzhutou subway station 

                                             immediately to the right on Des

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Sunpn selling products, and successfully sold more than 20 overseas countries.

HongKong subsidiary company: 

Hongkong Xunpeng International Trade Co., Ltd.

Address:Room C1D, 6/F, Wing hing industrial building, 14 

                 Hing yip street, Kwun tong, Kowloon,Hongkong

Tel: +852-96669759

Fax: +852-21100996

Website: www.leddigitaldisplay.net

E-mail: led888@126.com

Contact: Mr. Qu, +86-135 9010 7272

East China subsidiary company: 

Suzhou Fanmu Intelligent Control CO., Ltd.

Address:NO.99, Baoyi RD, Yushan town, Kunshan city, 

                 Jiangsu Province

Tel: +86-0512-36697221

Fax: +86-0512-36697220
Website: www.fanmu.net

E-mail: 818@fanmu.net

Contact: Mr. Huang, +86-180 1267 5352

North China subsidiary company: 

Jinan tengde Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: NO.85, lishan North RD, Tianqiao district, Jinan city, 

                 Shandong Province

Tel: +86-0531-58870863

Fax: +86-0531-58870863

Website: www.tende.cn
E-mail: tende888@126.com
Contact: Mr. Xu, +86-188 8833 6871

Central China subsidiary company: 

Wuhan Xingming Technology CO., Ltd.

Address: R building,southern big Wuhan,Zongguan, Qiaokou 

                 district, Wuhan city

Tel: +86-027-83889985

Fax: +86-027-83889985-808

Website: www.whxingming.cn
E-mail: 18971580607@163.com
Contact: Mr. Liu, +86-189 7158 0607


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